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Becoming a member, membership and the membership fee 
Anyone who is over the age of 18 years and has paid the Hotel Bonus Club membership fee of 25 euros / 12 months is accepted as a Hotel Bonus Club member. Membership and the membership card are member-specific. Hotel Bonus Club members must also accept terms of the PINS program. You can view all the terms of the PINS program at When the membership period (12 months) in nearing its end, the member will receive a bank transfer form in the mail. Paying the transfer will renew the membership period for the next 12 months.

Hotel Bonus Club benefits
Hotel Bonus Club benefits are awarded for overnight stays at all Cumulus City and Resort hotels, Holiday Inn hotels in Finland, Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard and Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki when a regular room rate or a pre-arranged corporate room rate is applied, unless otherwise indicated in the contract. On weekends, only one person per room will receive the club benefits for overnight stays at a regular room rate. We recommend that members book their rooms via the hotel chain´s own booking channels and make sure that their club benefits are included in the price when making their bookings. All prices do not necessarily include Hotel Bonus Club benefits unless they are not part of a corporate rate contract with Restel. The Hotel Bonus Club benefits are not valid for meeting packages or group travel rates or for all leisure packages. When booking with a PINS discount rate, the member will receive club bonuses and PINS, but not other club benefits. During specially priced seasons, the content of the benefits may vary. The Hotel Bonus Club card cannot be used in connection with other loyalty customer cards. Up-to-date information about benefits can be found at

1. Value Voucher
In connection with a qualified overnight stay at Club hotels, you will receive a Value Voucher worth 15/12 euros. The Value Voucher is worth 15 euros at the Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki, Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard and Holiday Inn hotels in Finland, as well as their restaurants. At other Club hotels, the value of the voucher is 12 euros. The Value Voucher can also be given to a family member for their use. The Value Voucher can neither be exchanged for cash nor will any change be given in return for any unused value. You will not be reimbursed for any unused vouchers. The Value Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

1.1. The Value Voucher as a payment method  
The Value Voucher can be used to pay for overnight stays as well as food and beverages at Hotel Bonus Club hotels. Club members may opt to pay for the normal buffet at Cumulus Resort hotels with a Value Voucher, without any additional payment required, anytime the buffet is served. Remember to state your intention to use Value Vouchers when ordering/making your booking. No Club Bonuses, PINS or other club benefits are awarded when a Value Voucher is used as payment.

1.2. Using the Value Voucher as payment for hotel accommodation
Club members can collect Value Vouchers and use them as payment for overnight stays. Altogether six (6) valid Value Vouchers can be used for one overnight stay in a standard single or double room, depending on availability. As an exception, eight (8) Value Vouchers are required at Holiday Inn Helsinki - Messukeskus, Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre, Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard and Hotelli Seurahuone Helsinki. Ïn connection with your stay, you can upgrade your room by one room class with two (2) Value Vouchers, depending on availability. The hotels reserve the right to limit the number of rooms available for Value Voucher payment. Room reservations at using the promotion code ARVOSETELI or by phone +358 800 155 824. Bookings for the Holiday Inn hotels and Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard on their own websites or by phone. You can also use a Value Voucher to pay for part of your accommodation fee for rooms other than those booked using the ARVOSETELI promotion code. Neither Club Bonuses nor PINS will be awarded for the portion paid for with the Value Voucher.

1.3. Other uses of the Value Voucher
The Value Voucher can be used to pay for minibar products and PayTV services at Hotel Bonus Club hotels. At Cumulus Resort Hotels, one (1) Value Voucher can be exchanged for a single entry to the spa (not valid at Cumulus Resort Tropiclandia).

2. Internet connections at hotels
You can use a fast Wi-Fi connection free of charge.

3. Parking benefits
At hotels outside of the Helsinki Metropolitan area/at the hotel´s own parking facility, the membership card entitles you to a 50 % discount on one normally priced parking place in connection with an overnight stay. Parking spaces are allocated on a ´first come, first served´ basis. 

4. Family benefits
One family member residing in the same household can stay free of charge in the same room with a Hotel Bonus Club member when staying at the regular room rate or the pre-arranged corporate room rate. If you mention the family benefit when making your booking, you will receive a double room at the single room rate.

5. Club Bonuses
Club Bonuses are accrued to the members’ Club Bonus accounts for personal accommodation and restaurant purchases (excluding tobacco products) at Hotel Bonus Club hotels, regardless ot the method of purchase (cash, payment card, invoice). Once your purchase balance exceeds 700 euros, you will receive 5 % back in Club Bonus Vouchers. The Club Bonus periods are as follows: January-April, May-August and September-December. If you do not exceed the bonus minimum within a single Club Bonus period, your purchase balance will be automatically transferred to the next period. Club members must remember that the purchase balance will be zero when their card expires unless notification of the continuation of the membership is provided within one month of the card’s expiration. You can check your Hotel Bonus Club purchases and bonus balance by calling +358 800 155 824 or via email at

Club Bonus Vouchers are mailed along with the Bonus update three times a year to all member addresses in Finland (in January, May and September). Club Bonus Vouchers are personal, and your Hotel Bonus Club card must also be presented when paying with a Voucher. No Club Bonuses or benefits are awarded when a Club Bonus Voucher is used as payment. The Club Bonus Voucher can neither be exchanged for cash nor will any change be given in return for any unused value. Club Bonus Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Expired Club Bonus Vouchers cannot be renewed.

The Club Bonus Vouchers function as a valid payment method when paying for personal purchases at Hotel Bonus Club hotels (services provided by the hotel) and as a payment for food and beverages at all club hotel’s restaurants, Martina, Central, Sampo, Foija, Grillsson, Rax Buffet, O’Learys Bakers Helsinki, O´Learys Sello Espoo and O´Learys Iso Omena Espoo restaurants, Restel Event Restaurants as well as at Restel’s Shell HelmiSimpukka service stations for restaurant, café, Select Shop and carwash purchases (excluding tobacco products, Veikkaus games and fuels). Club Bonus Vouchers must have a minimum value of 35 euros in order to be valid as payment for an overnight stay. Stays at Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard require the value of the Club Bonus Vouchers to be at leat 70 euros. A complimentary stay paid for using Club Bonuses entitles the cardholder to accommodation in a standard single or double room, depending on the availability of the room. The hotels reserve the right to limit the number of rooms available for Club Bonus payment. Remember to state your intention to use Club Bonus Vouchers when ordering/making your booking. Room reservations at using the promotion code BONUS or by phone +358 800 155 824. Bookings for Holiday Inn hotels and Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard on their own websites or by phone. 

In order to receive full Hotel Bonus Club benefits, all Hotel Bonus Club members must also be members of the PINS bonus program. At Restel hotels and restaurants, Hotel Bonus Club members collect 2 PINS for every 1 euro paid (excluding the BURGER KING and Shell HelmiSimpukka restaurants). You can also collect PINS from other PINS partners. You can use your PINS for reward on the PINS reward menu at When becoming a member, you must accept the terms and conditions of the PINS program. 

7. Customer register
The Hotel Bonus Club register is maintained using a customer register system managed by Restel Oy. Members have the right to access any of their own personal information in the customer register. The personal and purchase information in the register can be used for statistical analysis in order to connect the customer to his or her customer group. This information can be used for direct marketing. Members have the right to refuse the use of their personal information by calling +358 800 155 824 or via email at  

Hotel Bonus Club reserves the right to make changes to the prices, benefits and rules. 

P.O. Box 72, FI-00501 Helsinki
Phone +358 800 155 824 (Mon-Fri 8-16)